Hippos Enjoy Veggie Cake: Button Celebrates Ninth Birthday

Hippos Enjoy Veggie Cake: Button Celebrates Ninth Birthday
by NBC10.com, March 3, 2006

CAMDEN, N.J. — Button got a very special cake for her birthday Friday, and her party pal Genny helped her enjoy it.


It wasn’t a real cake and the two hippopotamuses at Camden’s Adventure Aquarium are not your usual party guests.

“It’s more like a vegetable terrine with kale and carrots and grapes all held together with a mashed potato icing,” said Kristine Burke, with Charles Roman Catering.

As the hippos made pigs of themselves, a chorus of humans sang “Happy Birthday.”

“It’s different. I’ve never been to a birthday for a hippo before,” said Kevin Chandler, of Northeast Philadelphia.

After the river horses made a mess of their cake, they cleaned up with a swim in the pool.

Unlike most of us, Button is celebrating her birthday all month long. Guests to the Adventure Aquarium can see her enjoy a cake every Saturday and Sunday in March at 2:30 p.m.

Button is celebrating her 9th birthday.