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I’ve been collecting hippos since 1967. While a sophomore in
high school, I traveled from Minnesota to Ohio and happened to go to the Cincinnati Zoo where I fell in love with the hippos there. My
boyfriend gave me my first stuffed hippo for my birthday….and, as they say, “the rest is history!” Friends and family usually give me hippo gifts for holidays and birthdays. In fact, my sister has hosted several “hippo hunts” where I look for hidden hippos. I now have well over 1500 hippos in my collection and it continues to grow and grow! Among my favorite hippo items are hippo binoculars, a hippo camera, hippo goggles, and a huge hippo air mattress. Although hippos are EVERYWHERE in my home, I do have a bedroom set aside just for my hippos and a hippo-decorated bathroom.

A few years ago I joined the “Hippolotofus” — a group of hippo lovers and collectors. I’ve attended many of their reunions — in St. Louis (2003), in Seattle (2004), Tampa (2005), Philadelphia (2006), San Diego (2007), Chicago (2008) and Kansas City (2009).

Join their next Reunion in Toronto in September 2010!

You can find the group at Hippos.com.