Dee’s Hippo Clipart Gallery

The hippo has been used as company logos, art designs on clothing, cards, in cartoons and many other applications. Here is a collection of free hippo clipart for your convenience.

hippohalloween hippocritic hippoc_thm hippo-ballet hippoart hippo_society hippo_icon hariet fothban04 fadedhippobackground cool-hippo val_Hippos tn_hippopotamus400 tn_hippo501 tn_hippo500 tn_hippo_pv tn_7_hippopotamus tn_6_hippopotamus tn_5_hippopotamus tn_4_hippopotamus tn_3_hippopotamus SAA3026 Print-Artist-Greeting_3 Overwght lhrubsL4 justforfun15b hskates3 hrubs hrubjs2 hipwin hipsauve HippoTopLogo hippos_on_rock_hg_clr-ADDTOSITE hippokeystrokes hippo-hugs hippoheart